Spiritual Beauty

I previously wrote some blog posts on physical, mental and emotional beauty.. which all tie up in the subject of Spiritual Beauty. I see the human being in four aspects - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual (spiritual meaning one's Soul/Spirit).

Our Spirit often suffer when we don't take care of the other parts of us. Also, we tend not to take care of our emotions, mind and body when the Spirit is under-stimulated.

I see the human being in four aspects.. 

Connecting with our own Soul /Spirit can be tuff in today's society. Even a few people have mentioned to me that they are not sure if the Soul exists. I tell all those people to look in to the eyes of their children (or a child close to them), and ask themselves if that child is lacking a Soul.

We all have a soul / spirit, otherwise we would not be alive. However a lot of people live more like "a walking dead". Stuck in depression, addictions, envy, materialistic possessions and so on. A person who does not appreciate life and is mostly self-centered will make their Spirit to become ugly. It tends to be a downward spiral. Usually there are causes as childhood traumas or obstacles in life that make us disconnect from our Soul, and live a life in negativity and discontent. All of this can be changed one step at a time by changing:

- Our way of acting (physical),
- Thinking (apply a more grateful and humble way of thinking) and,
- Emotionally be more balanced. (All of this I have described more in my previous articles).

We all have a soul / spirit, otherwise we would not be alive. 

When taking good care and striving for beauty - physically, emotionally and mentally - we also create an open road to our Soul. When we connect fully to our Soul we naturally become empowered, fair and content with who we are. We need to give our Spirit the space it deserves. Then we truly become beautiful beings from the inside and out, and the outside and in.

Everybody deserves to feel they live a life worth living.

Making ourselves smaller than we are, or living a life in envy or depression, creates suffering to our Spirit. Everybody deserves to feel they live a life worth living. Some of us need to work hard in order to get back to that state of being. Some of us probably felt disconnected from our Soul already at birth. We can all get back the connection though. To make a choice to let our Spirit be seen and present in our lives - that to me is Spiritual beauty. And Spiritual beauty is the most amazing beauty that there is.

Xoxox Susanna