5 ways - Take charge of your life this fall

Fall is an intense period of time for most of us. To me it seems like the calendar is booking itself from time to time. Part of it is being a single mom and running my own business. Part of it is that I enjoy being productive and part of great things. And part of it is that I sometimes forget to use these tools I am bout to share below.. ;)

To be conscious, aware, honest and present, are some keys to remain good health and well being in a hectic and/or stressful time. The following tools really help me to stay on track and the more specific I am, as writing things down and doing regular follow ups, the better they work. Find a way that work for you!

5 ways to take charge of your life: 

1. Use a calendar in order to be spontaneous.. I've said this so many times before because it's crucial. Track your time in a calendar app. Not just your work hours - but all your time. That will give you an honest and clear overview. It does not mean that you blindly need to follow the calendar. But everything that needs time and energy from you should be there. How specific you wanna be is up to you. Include work, exercise, the kids activities, social time, family time, cleaning and organizing, beauty time, outdoors etc.. AND also block off days or half days that are completely clean. Those days you can be spontaneous and just do whatever you feel like. An I promise that you will enjoy and appreciate those hours :)

2. Make clear choices - know why you choose to engage in a certain activity or relationship. If you know why you are there and why it is important to you, it is so much easier to be present (rather than thinking of all places you need to be next or get lost in feelings of being overwhelmed). When you truly connect to the matter of the cause, it also makes it easier to say no to other things.

3. Outsource as much as you can - don't be stingy. Prioritize to get help to wash your car, clean at home, fix your garden etc.. If you are running your own business - OUTSOURCE - never think that you gonna do everything yourself to "save money". Have someone else do (or at least help) your bookkeeping, social media, sales or web design. It will really save your health :) 

4. Keep it simple - simplify everything in your life as much as you can. How many activities and projects can you handle? Focus on quality rather than quantity. In all that you do, ask yourself "is there any way I can simplify this?". Be open to try things in a new way. Be open to let go of certain routines and habits.

5. Get rid of clutter - meaning not just material stuff (which you need to clean out too). Identify your unhealthy and time wasting habits that clutter your life. Take an honest look at what causes unnecessary drama (relationships, gossip and arguments). All of that clutter your life and steals time and energy which result in people getting burned out.

Enjoy your journey! 
Xoxo Susanna