Emotional beauty - 3 keys to inner balance..

To be emotionally beautiful, one needs to find emotional balance. Emotional balance may come off as dull and boring, especially to a passionate person or one who usually lives in drama. However emotional balance allows us to feel multiple emotions at a time, rather than just one intense feeling. That results in rich way of life. 

Balanced emotions never put us on a high or a low. Life just is.. and that is pretty good. Strong and intense emotions tend to tire us, distract us from the moment and create a lot of tension in the body (which definitely is not beautyfying). 

There are many benefits to emotional balance. 
Everything that takes us away from the present moment, takes away the glow and sparkle in our eyes. Very strong emotions make us irrational, impulsive and even mean. All of what does not make us beautiful. Strong feelings also tend to make us very self-centered. Meaning, we think and feel that everything is about us and we don't really see or hear or consider other people.

When we are in emotional balance it is easier to be present, to be efficient and to be a good friend/lover or parent. Emotional balance also solve bad habits as emotional or over eating (which is a huge issue for many). When we are emotionally balanced we do not need to escape from ourselves, through smoking, alcohol/other drugs, gambling, shopping and so on. When we are emotionally balanced we can just enjoy being ourselves. 

When emotionally balanced we can just enjoy being ourselves. 

So how do we get there???

Personally I have struggled with this a lot since childhood. I have always felt very strong feelings, been pretty intuitive, periodically anxious, depressed and so on. I thought that in order to feel alive the feelings had to be intense. Now I feel more alive and present than ever before. Luckily I have been able to find new tools for living over the past 12 years, and built more of a spiritual foundation for how I wanna live my life. 

Believe me.. it is sometimes a bumpy road, totally depending mostly on how well  I take care of myself rather than what actually happens in life. When I have my inner emotional balance I can handle the outer aspects of life very calmly. If I am out of balance and not grounded in my foundation - small things can set me off. 

Three of my most valuable keys to inner balance is:

1. Make time to connect with my favorite element water (your element could also be air, fire or earth), especially the ocean. It just sets me straight right away!  

2. Staying connected with people who share the same values and always strive to be better.

3. Daily inventory how I emotionally have been affected by different situations/people - then I can immediately evaluate why I may feel too strongly about something, and later let it go. Self-awareness takes a lot of work but is so worth it! 

Enjoy your journey of emotional beauty! Xoxo Susanna