5 Ways to Gain Courage and be Brave

I hear most people say that they are not brave enough to do necessary changes or pursue their dreams,  goals or get out of unhealthy situations. Some people may just live with the false facts that they lack courage. I know we are all different, but my opinion is that courage is as everything else, we can always be better :)

Life demands that we are brave in different ways. Otherwise we tend to be stuck in situations, jobs, relationships and habits that don't serve us well. But rather create misery, stress, anxiety, depression and more. The solution to these states of being is not always to find the remedy through pills and prescription drugs - but to actually be brave and create a change.

I believe that when being in a situation/relationship that is not healthy for us - the healthy and natural respons is to be stressed, anxious or depressed. The problem is that the human being rather holds on to something "bad", rather than letting it go and stepping in to something uncertain. That is why many of us i.e. stay at jobs we don't like, don't get a divorce or spend money that we don't have and much more.

5 ways to build up courage! 

To be brave in order to take those sometimes big steps toward a change - you need to gain some courage. Here are some courage building tools that I find irreplaceable: 

1. Build up your physical strength and health. A strong back
for example makes it easier to stay solid in a rocky situation.
Taking care of our body automatically builds up our self-esteem
and our self-confidence.

2. Create a network of people you would like to be like. Meaning you need five people close to you (not necessarily physically) that have character and lives that inspire you. As an example.. if you want to make a change and loose a lot of weight - you need to be connected to people who are there already or have the same ambition.

3. Make a list. List all pros and cons to why you need to make this change.

4. Gratitude. Every night before you go to bed remind yourself of at least three things that you are grateful for - this will increase your faith in life itself which makes making changes less scary.

5. It's your responsibility! Your life is your responsibility - never blame someone or something else. Focus on the solution rather than the problem. There is always a solution. Just because you don't know what it is yet doesn't mean it
does not exist. Let life unfold it to you!

Enjoy your journey towards new adventures!

Xoxo Susanna